• Serious Black - 29/11/22
  • Konvent - Implore - 11/05/22
  • Vinnie Moore - 20/05/22
  • Crashdiet - 12/05/22
  • Manticora - 24/05/22


Earth’s mightiest Nu-Metal tribute band We celebrate the entire era and party like it’s 1999!

website : https://www.bizkitpark.be


Started in 2010 with a small gig in a small café... we now played gig's such as Marktrock, Genk on Stage, Demerrock, I love rock, Big Rock's, Genk's Oktoberfest,... and have won: - the Public's Choice award of the Pop A' Cast contest 2012-2013 - the combination of Public's and Jury's Choice award of the region final of the "Clash of the Coverbands BENELUX Edition 2013-2014" Without further delay here is the answer to what everyone asks us when they meet us...

No we are not drugs addicts and no we have no ex called Stacy ;). The name comes from being addicted to music like being addicted to XTC. In other words... music is our XTC (in the singular form my XTC). But exept for spelling it like that, we made it a funny word game and spelled it like My Ex Stacy! And that's the way it should be pronounced :)!

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MyExStacy/