• Motorqueens + support - 29/12/23
  • Benefiet Viggen - 09/12/23
  • Hibernation Fest 2024

They might wear the name of a legendary BLACK SABBATH album, yet MOB RULES is definitely not even close to doom metal. In spite of that, the band has dedicated its sound to the melodic, sometimes even symphonic side of European power metal. Its releases are almost without exception some of the finest gems of the genre recorded by a German band, and only heaven knows why MOB RULES never got the public attention and success they actually deserve. It's not the music's fault, that's for sure, as everyone who favors acts like STRATOVARIUS, GAMMA RAY, HELLOWEEN, EDGUY or AVANTASIA should love this band, too. And: After more then 20 years of history, MOB RULES have an impressive collection of greatlive anthems to pick for their setlist. Witness yourself!


Originally founded in the 1980’s as classic Power Metal band, SQUEALER from the north of Hessia, Germany so far have had a busy band history. Today, the music by SQUEALER is a melting pot of several Metal elements which has enhanced through the years, i.e. an unique and diversified mix of Melodic Thrash Metal (which nowadays builds the foundation of each new SQUEALER song), groovy Rock stuff and, of course, the still obvious Heavy, Speed & Power Metal influences.

Line-up: Lars Döring (guitars), Michael Schiel (guitars), Sebastian Werner (vocals), Manuel Roth (bass), Martin Winter (drums).

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