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Thrash Attack

THRASH ATTACK is a metal cover band from the south of The Netherlands. The band was initiated in 2022 by Spike Meulders and Marcel Coenen, both well known from Stormrider and from The Art Of Pantera. The band comes out of the ashes from the band Metal Attack which disbanded in December 2021.

SETLIST The band plays heavy and thrash metal covers from the 80's and 90's. Think of bands like Sepultura, Slayer, Sacred Reich, Metallica, Fear Factory, Testament, Death, Exodus, Megadeth, Nuclear Assault and many more.

GUITARIST Marcel Coenen is well known for his collaboration with Channel Zero and with projects like Ayreon and Christmas Metal Symphon where he played together with some big names in the industry like Chuck Billy, Joey Belladonna and James La Brie. He also made a name with his prog metal bands SUN CAGED and LEMUR VOICE and his solo career where he recorded 4 albums and a live DVD.

2ND GUITARIST David Maes is a guitar student from Marcel and is very good shredder, perfect to play next to Marcel the leads and double leads.

DRUMMER Spike Meulders is well known from the band THE ART OF PANTERA and for his work with the 90's bands FORM and SPEEDICA and by his very tight playing.

BASS/VOCALS Peter Rovers is well known from STORMRIDER and the Iron Maiden tribute POWERSLAVE. In Thrash Attack he handles the bass and vocal duties.


"A four piece group based in the underground scene of Gothenburg, Sweden. After years of fighting the rock scene battle, in a several bands, they decided to give it just another shot by starting a new band, and doing everything a little bit stronger and better. Formed in the late spring of 2016.
But the story doesn't end quite yet - for this is just the beginning of a non stopping train."
Bandmembers :
Daniel Almqvist - Lead Vocals
Johan Bergman - Guitar & Vocals
Timmy Kan - Bass & Vocals
Christoffer Almqvist - Drums & Vocals

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